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InterPro Solutions is an innovative, market responsive organization providing professional and technical services to facility owners and stakeholders. InterPro’s strategic asset management (SAM) programs are designed to reduce the overall costs of operating and maintaining large commercial, institutional and government facilities.

InterPro Solutions’ mission is to provide value-added services to reduce overall O&M costs for facility owners and managers. These services include, but are not limited to, developing an overall operations and maintenance strategy, selecting and implementing a CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System), developing a PM (preventive maintenance) program, identifying and reviewing equipment and assets, defining and refining best work practices, and integrating and utilizing technology to support underlying O&M processes and strategies.

Product Highlight – EZMaxMobile

Real Time Maximo Mobile Solution

Real time Maximo mobile connectivity via WiFi or 3G. No longer are you required to ‘sync’ your mobile device and you’re not limited to the number of work orders or data records you can view because of the ‘size’ of your mobile device.

No Server Hardware Required

Our lightweight server engine can run within your existing WebLogic or WebSphere application server. No new hardware to purchase for a Maximo mobile solution!

No Client Installation Required

Devices with web browsing capabilities can get up and running without having to install any client software on their mobile device. The only plug-n-play Maximo mobile solution.

Record GPS Coordinates

Mobile devices with a built in GPS can record longitude and latitude coordinates when creating new work orders. Learn More…

Upload Photo Attachments

Photo upload from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android, and Blackberry devices with built in camera and attach it to a work order or an inventory item. Learn More…

Barcode Scanning

Scan barcodes from an iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices. Barcodes such as Code 39, Code 128, QR Codes, EAN, UPC and more. Maxim mobile has never been so powerful. Learn More…

  • Testimonials

    Facilities at Princeton University began using EZMaxMobile in 2011.  Since then, we’ve nearly eliminated paper work orders, decreased response time (no need to drive back to the shop for your next work order), and increased data quality with real-time work order management.  As a result of such an intuitive, configurable app and the professional, tireless …

    One of the primary drivers for MGH to adopt a mobile facilities management strategy was the ability to respond to JCAHO (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) requirements real time.  EZMaxMobile has enabled us to completely eliminate paperwork for tracking work orders and inspections and ensures our reporting is both accurate and instantaneous. …

    Bill Charrette
    Massachussetts General Hospital

    EZMaxMobile allows our managers to utilize their Blackberry devices to view and respond to purchase requisitions and purchase orders on a real-time basis. Management is constantly traveling to a number of AIM Manufacturing’s 26 North American sites and EZMaxMobile allows management to quickly and easily respond to purchase transactions that require their attention.  Our plan …

    Leonardo Gentile
    American Iron and Metal

    EZMaxMobile has allowed us to eliminate a significant amount of paper, reduce data entry mistakes, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. We currently utilize EZMaxMobile on 20 iPad devices, 2 Nextel push to talk services and are currently evaluating the possibility of adding serveral Samsung Galaxy Tab devices (Android) into the mix. In the very …

    Jeff Dean
    Babson College

    With several iPads, we prototyped EZMaxMobile on a Water Authority wide basis and were immediately impressed with EZMaxMobile’s ease-of-use, flexibility and speed. We’re currently in the process of integrating EZMaxMobile into our Maximo production environment, thus allowing the work control center to initiate and assign work requests to staff in the field on a real-time …

    Chris Framel
    Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority

    With InterPro’s support, it is now possible to measure our performance, thus allowing us to monitor and manage everyday operations. InterPro has helped raise awareness to what is happening within our department, and in turn improve the effectiveness of our entire facility maintenance program.

    Jeff Dean
    Babson College

    InterPro is the only company known to us that provides engineering support services combined with information technology expertise. This unique combination has helped us develop a campus wide facility asset management program and integrate this program into our existing CMMS/Maximo application system.

    Jim Macaluso
    Northeastern University

    InterPro Solutions has provided us with several advanced solutions that incorporated the latest technology. We consider the company an essential partner in our goal to provide value added services to our customers.

    Bill Sousa
    RDK Engineers
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