Success Stories

Collaboration with Princeton delivers results.

Princeton Facilities Operations is responsible for the work of 21 different trade shops that manage University facilities. In 2011, department leaders searched for a mobile solution that would increase their efficiency and help bring their vision and ideas to life.

Their decision to work with InterPro was based on both the capabilities of EZMaxMobileand on the collaborative approach of the InterPro team.

“From our first discussion, we were impressed that InterPro wanted to know how we worked before they worked with us,” said Sam DiBari, Assistant Director, Operations Support.

In implementing EZMaxMobile, Princeton also encouraged input from all its trade shops as well as from its customers throughout the University. Their experience and perspective has helped improve data quality, eliminate paperwork, decrease response time, and increase job satisfaction.

“Our ability to react quickly is tremendous. For instance, late one evening we had a significant water leak in the Health Center. By the time people came in the next morning the leak was repaired and everything was back to normal. No one was even aware that there had been a problem,” said DiBari. “That was possible because EZMaxMobile gives people in the field the right tools. They can share information instantly and eliminate hours of paperwork and frustration.”

Most recently, Princeton has been working with InterPro to make the Maximo reporting process less complicated and more integrated into the department’s daily workflow. Instead of waiting days for a specialist to create a custom report, anyone with a mobile device can now generate a report through a simple query.

“If someone in a meeting asks a question about the status of a project, our leadership always has the most current data at their fingertips,” said Dibari. “It’s just another example of how InterPro has helped bring our department’s vision to life for the benefit of everyone who works at the University.”