Comprehensive Work Execution for Your Field Technicians

EZMaxMobile is the mobile Maximo solution people switch to when they’re frustrated with synchronization failures, slow data transfers, lack of flexibility, conflicting business rules and permissions, or the need to update their Maximo mobile app whenever they make a change to Maximo.

It’s the solution that’s never had a failed implementation.

EZMaxMobile has all the Maximo mobile functionality you need, so there’s no need for separate Maximo mobile apps for different processes, such as inspections, inventory management, or preventative maintenance. With over 25 delivered processes, each tailorable to your specific needs, your mobile Maximo technicians can do their jobs without having to jump from mobile Maximo app to mobile Maximo app.

EZMaxMobile clients are enjoying productivity gains of up to 200%, significant increases in asset availability, 10X faster sync speeds, the elimination of mobile Maximo sync failures, and the ability to accommodate Maximo upgrades in a single, automated step.

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Key Features:

  • Advanced Mapping

    Advanced Mapping

    EZMaxMobile offers a choice of Maximo mobile mapping capabilities ranging from basic GPS location mapping to interactive layered ESRI ArcGIS location intelligence. You can associate location data with a work order, asset, or location and automatically store the details in your Maximo system. Your field team can visualize mobile Maximo work orders and assets in map views, and get point-to-point directions to guide them to the proper location.

  • Photos and videos

    Photos & Videos

    Increase your team's mobile Maximo efficiency by attaching photos and videos to illustrate work requests and document completed repairs. Technicians can also mark-up photos and provide supplemental information to bring greater clarity to any issue. Provide equipment schematics, blueprints, instructions, how-to videos and other Maximo mobile work aids to arm your technicians with everything they need to diagnose and resolve issues in the field.

  • Maximo Workflow Support

    Maximo Workflow Support

    Unlike other available solutions, EZMaxMobile lets you bring your existing Maximo workflows to your mobile technicians in the field.

  • Online or Offline

    Online or Offline

    When your technicians are working in an environment without a reliable data connection, EZMaxMobile lets them go offline – with a patented, lightning-fast offline mode that’s nearly 10 times faster than alternative Maximo mobile solutions. Unlike other Maximo mobile apps, EZMaxMobile’s no-fail synchronization automatically quarantines any data exceptions and lets your team keep working.