EZMax Suite for Specific Industries

The EZMax Suite is an award-winning Maximo mobile app suite for asset-intensive organizations. InterPro Solutions has tailored the EZMax Suite to a variety of industries. From service requests to planning and scheduling, vendor management, work execution, ad hoc reporting and more, we’ve got you covered.


Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, and Related Energy Services.

Facilities Services

Comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Services to a Wide Range of Industries.


Operations and Maintenance of Public Buildings and Properties in Support of Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies.


Operations and Maintenance of Hospitals, Health Centers, and Medical Research Facilities.

Higher Education

Operations, Maintenance, and Auxiliary Services Supporting Schools, Campuses, and Research Institutions.


Operations and Maintenance of Plants, Production Lines, Warehouses, and Distribution Centers.

Oil & Gas

On and Offshore Drilling and Rigging, Operations and Maintenance of Refineries and Distribution Pipelines.


Maintenance of Critical Public Infrastructure Assets, Including Roadways, Bridges and Tunnels, Railways, Airports, Inland and Seaports.


Maintenance and Operation of Critical Support Infrastructure Including Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, and Wastewater Treatment Systems.