Schedule Work and Plan Events on Desktop or Mobile

Scheduling in native IBM Maximo is very cumbersome, which gave rise to add-on Maximo desktop scheduling tools that have expanded capabilities. Unfortunately, these add-on Maximo scheduling tools are difficult to learn, complex to use and can take years to master. EZMaxPlanner was designed to change that paradigm, providing intuitive Maximo mobile functionality that makes planners immediately productive and streamlines the entire scheduling process. Processes that require 12 steps in many legacy Maximo scheduling tools now can be done in a single click – no longer requiring years of experience (or a guidebook) to master.

EZMaxPlanner takes Maximo planning, scheduling and assigning work to the next level. With the ability to see workforce availability in real-time; assign work by owner, lead, or supervisor; plan work events; view assignments months (or years) in advance; batch schedule across thousands of assets; balance workloads; and drag & drop work orders, Maximo planning and scheduling has never been easier, more flexible or more efficient.

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Key Features:

  • Key Feature - Drag And Drop

    Drag & Drop Assignments

    Drag and drop Maximo work orders to schedule the start/finish of work, assign and reassign responsibility, rebalance workloads and extend task duration.

  • Key Feature - Batch Assignment

    Batch Assignment

    Batch select Maximo work orders for assignment, re-assignment, or update. If you need to adjust day, time, duration or assigned staff for a group of Maximo work orders, you can update them all with a single click.

  • Key Feature - Balance Work Loads

    Balance Work Loads

    Visualization of look-ahead work calendars allow Maximo schedulers and mobile field supervisors to work and plan more efficiently. Easily identify overlapping work or blocks of time without an assignment to balance workloads and minimize downtime. Built-in schedule checks flag technician overbooking and duplicate Maximo time-off requests.

  • Key Feature - Reassign From Any View

    Re-Assign/Re-Schedule from Any View

    Work assignments are subject to constant change, so EZMaxPlanner lets you re-assign re-schedule from any view. No need to back out of what you’re doing or navigate to a different module.