Initiate and Track Maximo Service Requests

Great operations and maintenance start with a great community experience. For most organizations, that means a reliable and simple way for community members to initiate Maximo service requests, track progress, and interact with technicians.

Usually, initiating a service request means a call, online form submission or email to a service center, where the service center team enters the request information into Maximo. Once the work order is initiated and assigned, there’s typically a number of phone calls, voicemails and emails – both inbound and outbound—to provide schedule and progress updates, or gather additional information. It’s frustrating for the requestor, and equally so for the service center team.

EZMaxRequest is a full-featured Maximo mobile app that streamlines service request management by enabling authorized community members to initiate a Maximo service request, upload pictures, communicate with service providers, and enjoy real-time visibility into ongoing processes – all from an intuitive, secure Maximo mobile app that is easily tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

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Key Features:

  • Key Feature - Work Request Initiation

    Service Request Initiation

    EZMaxRequest enables authorized community members to initiate mobile Maximo service requests accompanied by pictures, mark-ups and descriptions (enabled with voice to text), and enjoy real-time mobile visibility into request status and progress.

  • Key Feature - Request Management

    Request Management

    EZMaxRequest provides a simple to use administrative tool that allows your service center team to easily manage and continuously monitor mobile Maximo service requests. Filter requests, change status, and review and manage requestor information all within an intuitive interface.

  • Key Feature - Configurable UI

    Configurable UI

    Easy to configure mobile forms provide unlimited flexibility to create an end-to-end experience that aligns with your organizational needs, builds community trust and drives user satisfaction.

  • Key Feature - Conversations


    Enable conversations between your Maximo mobile service team and your community members. Service providers can reach out to requestors to learn more about task specifics. To preserve the dialogue, the entire conversation history is logged to the Maximo work record.