Manage Vendors Like Your Own Workforce

Service vendors are an important part of your workforce, but it is challenging working with them when it comes to efficient work request assignment and scheduling, awareness of on-site presence, work status updates, and the integration of complex task details into your EAM. The reality is that mobile Maximo tools for managing an extended workforce just haven’t been there.

That’s why we created EZMaxVendor. EZMaxVendor enables your organization to manage service vendors like an extension of your own workforce.

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Key Features:

  • Clarity on scope of work

    Clarity on Scope of Work and Timing

    Since your vendors aren’t always available where and when you need them, EZMaxVendor makes it easy to negotiate dates, times, and scope of work with the easy-to-use EZMaxVendor Maximo mobile app. With work details clarified and confirmed with your vendor before work is authorized, expectations are always aligned.

  • Real-Time Awareness

    Real-Time Awareness

    Maintain real-time awareness of when a Maximo mobile work request is reviewed, accepted, modified, confirmed, and assigned. Know when the technician arrives on-site, when work status changes, and when the task is completed. All task details are captured for your Maximo EAM system, and can be viewed by you and your vendor at any time.

  • one to many

    One to Many

    EZMaxVendor lets you work with as many vendors as you like, and allows you see all Maximo vendor assignments at a glance, including a filterable calendar view. Likewise, vendors are able to use the EZMaxVendor Maximo mobile app to work with all of their clients using EZMaxVendor, where they can see all assignments in a calendar view and filter as needed.


    Performance KPIs

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure. EZMaxVendor lets you measure vendor performance against SLAs, including: Average Time to Initial Response, Work Acceptance Rates, and Technician On-Time Arrival. KPIs are shared with your vendor in real-time via the EZMaxVendor Maximo mobile app, so everyone knows the score.