Success Stories

An Australian regional council chose EZMaxMobile to help manage a vast geographic area and its quality of life.

The Sunshine Coast is a community of more than 300,000 people north of Brisbane.

With assets distributed across more than 3,000 square kilometers, the Sunshine Coast Council needed a tool that would empower mobile crews to accomplish more and improve the speed and efficiency of their reporting process.

In 2013, the Council worked with long-term partner Clarita Solutions to choose EZMaxMobile™.

Now crews no longer need to return to base to log reports and receive follow-up work orders. They are able to spend more time on maintenance tasks and less time traveling between the depot and work sites. EZMaxMobile’s integration with GIS is a huge advantage for crews that cover a large geographic area.

“Integration with GIS was a primary driver for us. With EZMaxMobile we can pinpoint exactly where within a large park a bench is located,” said Bryan O’Connor, Project Manager, Special Projects Research and Innovation Division.

Reporting has also undergone a similar transformation. Before EZMaxMobile, a foreman had to manually review up to 200 pages of inspection reports. Now with the automation of data entry and prioritization out in the field, this report is reduced to about two pages.

In evaluating the overall impact of EZMaxMobile, the Council viewed success in even broader terms.

“The civil infrastructure we maintain is a huge factor in what makes this region an attractive place to live, work and play,” said O’Connor. “This project has allowed us to combine geographic information with the asset management processes when and where our crews need it—making us more efficient and contributing to the lifestyle that defines the Sunshine Coast community.”