Manage Vendors Like Your Own Workforce

Service vendors are an important part of your workforce, but it is challenging working with them when it comes to efficient work request assignment and scheduling, awareness of on-site presence, work status updates, and the integration of complex task details into your EAM. The tools for managing an extended workforce just haven’t been there.

That’s why we created EZMaxVendor. EZMaxVendor enables your organization to manage service vendors like an extension of your own workforce.


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How EZMaxVendor Works

Initiate Request: Work requests are initiated directly from EZMaxMobile, EZMaxPlanner, or native Maximo, alerting the selected vendor with real-time push notifications to review the work request details, including the date and requested time of arrival on site.

Accept Request: Using EZMaxVendor, the vendor can then choose to accept, reject, or request additional details about the task, including proposing alternative dates or times, or even a modified work scope. This information flows back and forth in real-time until the parties reach agreement on all critical terms, eliminating time-consuming and error prone phone calls and email exchanges.

Assign Authorized Work: Authorized work is then assigned by the vendor to a technician(s) from within EZMaxVendor, in accordance with the agreed upon schedule. Once assigned, the vendor’s technicians are alerted and the job is automatically added to their Technician Work Calendar, along with critical instructions and mapped location details. Assignment details are also added to the Client Calendar so that specifics about who is arriving (and when) can be easily viewed and shared across the organization.

Technician Arrives: Upon arrival, technicians use the app to scan a barcode, NFC tag, or initiate an update to notify the client of their arrival and ongoing work status. Accordingly, the client always knows whenever vendors are on-site, where they are, and precisely what they are doing at all times.

Request is Updated in EAM: At the completion of the job, all details, including any messages between technicians, along with supporting documentation such as marked up photos, videos, or reports, are submitted through the app and integrated automatically (and securely) into the organization’s Maximo/EAM system, with no secondary data entry or delay.

Configurable KPIs: Finally, a configurable dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is available to measure and compare vendor performance against SLAs or other established metrics. Importantly, vendors can see their KPI results and client-established performance standards, so everyone knows the score at all times.

See EZMaxVendor in action:

Key Features of EZMaxVendor

  • Real-Time Awareness


    Maintain real-time awareness of when a work request is reviewed, accepted, modified, confirmed, and assigned. Know when the technician arrives on-site, when work status changes, and when the task is completed. All task details are captured for your EAM system, and can be viewed by you and your vendor at any time.

  • Clarity on scope of work


    Since your vendors aren’t always available where and when you need them, EZMaxVendor makes it easy to negotiate dates, times, and scope of work. With work details clarified and confirmed with your vendor before work is authorized, expectations are always aligned.

  • Separate and Secure


    EZMaxVendor prevents service vendors from ever accessing your EAM. Instead, encrypted information is pushed and pulled from the EZMaxVendor Cloud using access tokens. Short-lived authentication tokens control access to the app, so technicians that do not have current assignments are denied access.

  • one to many


    EZMaxVendor lets you work with as many vendors as you like, and allows you see all vendor assignments at a glance, including a filterable calendar view. Vendors are able to use the app to work with all clients using EZMaxVendor, and can see all assignments in a calendar view and filter as needed.

  • Intuitive UI


    Simple, uncluttered screens and guided workflows make it easy for vendors to respond to new requests, schedule authorized work, and assign technicians. Technicians can easily check-in, message with their co-workers, report work updates, and document task completion. User training is minimal, and the EZMaxVendor app can be launched directly from any push notifications received.



    Measure vendor performance against SLAs, including: Average Time to Initial Response, Work Acceptance Rates, and Technician On-Time Arrival. KPIs are shared with your vendor in real-time, so everyone knows the score.



    Using a simple one-time registration process, you and your vendor partners can get started with EZMaxVendor in just minutes. Each authorized vendor sets up their own technicians, so you are never burdened with managing technician credentials.

  • check in and mapping


    If supported in your facility, vendor technicians can check-in via NFC or by scanning location/asset barcodes. Maps guide technicians to service locations, and you can see where checked-in technicians are at any given time.

  • EZMaxMobile


    EZMaxVendor works as a standalone solution or in concert with the other members of the EZMax family. EZMaxVendor can be launched from both the EZMaxPlanner and EZMaxMobile apps, eliminating the need to jump between apps when engaging with your vendors.

  • Maximo EAM


    EZMaxVendor integrates seamlessly with IBM Maximo® and other popular EAMs, eliminating “off-system” data and documents. Everything from request initiation to the final work performance details, as well as any messages, pictures, videos, or documents, are stored to your EAM.