Schedule Work and Plan Events on Desktop or Mobile

EZMaxPlanner takes planning, scheduling, and assigning work to the next level. With the ability to see workforce availability in real time, plan work events, and forecast staffing months (or years) in advance, batch schedule across thousands of assets, balance workloads, and drag & drop work orders, planning and scheduling has never been easier, more flexible or more efficient.

EZMaxPlanner enables your scheduling team to manage activities of any complexity and duration, including projects with sequencing dependencies, multi-party orchestration, and defined milestones.

EZMaxPlanner extends your Maximo work scheduling, assignment and management functionality, and integrates seamlessly with InterPro’s industry-leading Maximo mobile solution, EZMaxMobile.


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Key features of EZMaxPlanner


Real-Time Visibility: EZMaxPlanner allows for real-time visibility across employee availability and qualifications, asset location, and task duration, allowing you to optimize work assignment decisions, streamline operations, maximize available wrench time, and minimize downtime.

Balance Work Loads: Visualization of look-ahead work calendars allow schedulers and field supervisors to work and plan more efficiently. Easily identify overlapping work or blocks of time without an assignment to balance workloads and minimize downtime.  Built-in schedule checks flag technician overbooking and duplicate time-off requests.

EZMaxMobile Integration: EZMaxPlanner is fully integrated with EZMaxMobile, allowing technicians to receive and respond to assignments in real-time, and planners to quickly adjust when tasks and repairs extend beyond expected durations.

Drag and Drop: Drag and drop work orders to schedule the start/finish of work, assign and reassign responsibility, rebalance workloads and extend task duration.

Batch Assign: Batch assign, unassign or reassign work across hundreds of asset types and thousands of assets.

Match Assignment and Skills: Job assignments can be color-coded to reflect technician’s trade, qualifications, or credentials, assuring that the appropriate resource is assigned to each task.

Re-assign/Re-schedule From Any View: Work assignments are subject to constant change, so EZMaxPlanner lets you re-assign re-schedule from any view.  No need to back out of what you’re doing or navigate to a different module.

Weather Feeds: Make sure your team is always prepared by incorporating location-specific, day-of-job weather information into work order assignments.

Manage Availability: Manage time-off requests (vacation, training, etc.), assign overtime when work exceeds available hours, or schedule a job across multiple days to avoid overtime expense.

Enable Conversations: Enable conversations between your schedulers and technicians directly in EZMaxPlanner.  The entire conversation history stays with the Maximo work order record.

Push Notifications: Use mobile push notifications to book time on technician calendars and to notify team members of new assignments, specific activities and status changes.

Rich functionality: desktop & mobile

  • Configurable Dashboard


    Use EZMaxPlanner’s out-of-the-box configurable dashboards to monitor assignment backlogs and work assignments for the week, assess project progress, vacations and non-working hours. View events, assignments and activities at a glance. Stay on top of your most critical projects.

  • Drag and Drop


    Assigning work can be done in a flash with EZMaxPlanner’s drag and drop scheduling. Simply drag assignments onto a technician’s calendar and adjust the duration as needed.

  • Calendar Views


    View the schedules of everyone in your workforce in EZMaxPlanner. With calendar information at your fingertips, you can quickly identify available staff, pinpoint coverage issues and drag & drop work assignments to rectify workload imbalances.

  • Batch Select Work


    Batch select work for re-assignment or update. If you need to adjust day, time, duration or assigned staff for a group of work orders, you can update them all in a single click.

Work Event Planning

  • Build Event Plans


    Create and organize work orders, to-do lists, critical inspection and confirmation checklists; define critical dependencies, set milestones, and contingencies; attach maps, drawings, or other documents.

  • Link Tasks to Milestones


    Easily associate tasks and assignments with project milestones, move tasks between milestones, and re-sequence milestones as the situation demands.

  • Push Notifications


    Use mobile push notifications to book time on calendars and to notify team members of new assignments, specific activities, status changes, and milestones.

  • Generate Action Items


    Quickly assess current conditions and readiness with at-a-glance status views. Edit or re-sequence tasks, assignments, or dependencies at any time.