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Since 2003, we’ve been working with leading organizations in higher education, healthcare, facility services, energy, manufacturing, government, transportation, and other sectors. We know what has transformed asset management for our clients, and we incorporate that experience into all our Maximo mobile products and services. Intuitive interfaces, bold graphics, and clear functionality allow us to bring clarity to the most complex operations and requirements.

Now everyone on your team can tap the full potential of Maximo. EZMaxMobile is ready to go right out of the box, and it is the only fully functional Maximo mobile solution that can be installed on your server in under 30 minutes.

Allow anyone in your community to initiate a Maximo work request from an intuitive mobile app, tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Enable your organization to manage tradespeople, contractors, and service vendors as an extension of their own workforce.

Assign jobs in Maximo with just one click, drag & drop work orders, and configure views to match your team's needs.

ROI information is now available on demand. Instantly create reports and view them on any mobile device.

In a fast-changing operations and management (O&M) world filled with complexity, facilities managers are struggling to effectively communicate with customers and manage service responders in a way that improves responsiveness within their organizations.

Whether your organization is just implementing a Maximo Mobile Work Management solution or has been using one for years, it is necessary to evaluate whether your solution is supporting your critical operations. How well does your Maximo Mobile Work Management solution support your critical Operations? Is it providing your Supervisors and Crews with the best tools and information to get their jobs done? How much productivity is being lost in the access and transmission of reliable data? Is everything moving paperless and in real-time? Does it seamlessly integrate with your other solutions, payroll, mapping, accounting, and others? Does it work offline with rapid data syncing?

Some of the most successful organizations are using our Maximo mobile solutions and meeting all of these criteria and more, all in real-time, helping save enormous amounts of time, money, and frustration.

InterPro provides the Maximo Mobile tools, insights and service delivery capabilities facilities managers need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. We do this without the cost, complexity and service impacts of ‘big software’ alternatives – letting them focus on serving their customers and delivering services instead of wrestling with data, technology and integrations.