Setup Maximo to use Node Monitoring in WebSphere

IBM recommends a new way to run your Maximo.  If you are using WebSphere on Windows and running MXServer as a Windows service, IBM now recommends you to use Node Monitoring instead with Maximo 7.1 above. [IBM – DeveloperWorks]

This setting looks to the NodeAgent Windows service and applies the appropriate state to the MXServer.

 To implement Node Monitoring use the following steps:

1) Log into WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.

2) From the left navigation select Servers –> Application Servers.

3) Click the appropriate Maximo Application Server (default name MXServer).

4) From the right side under Server Infrastructure select Java and Process Management –> Monitoring Policy.

The Monitoring Policy screen will display.

There is a setting for node restart state, below that there is a drop down with three choices:


To have the MXServer to start when the NodeAgent starts select RUNNING.

5) Once selected, click OK.

6) If prompted click the Save directly to the master configuration link in the Messages box.

The setting is dynamic and does not require a server restart.

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