Change Maximo mail SMTP port

By default, any mail communications thru Maximo use port 25 which is the default SMTP port.  In some case, you may want to change this for whatever the reason.  This example given works in WebSphere and Maximo 7.

First, you have to change the default port property within WebSphere itself.  Log into the WebSphere console and go to Resources -> Mail -> Mail Sessions -> (Mail Session) -> Custom Properties and enter the following:

Name: mail.smtp.port

Value: <port>

Once you have done this and save your changes, log into Maximo so we can add this same property to the System Properties.  Go to System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> System Properties.  Click on ‘New Row’ and for the ‘Property Name’, enter ‘mail.smtp.port’.  For the ‘Global Value’, enter your <port> number you specified above.  Save your changes and do a Live Refresh by clicking on the check box to the left of the property and clicking on the Select Action -> Live Refresh.

Now to test your new SMTP port, go into any workorder record and create a new communication and send an email to test.

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2 thoughts on “Change Maximo mail SMTP port

  1. Change Maximo mail SMTP port– In this article, you only say Maximo in WAS, how about WebLogic. If we only add mail.smtp.port in system properties? Thanks!

  2. hi: wich parameter i can insert on JNDI box when i configure a new mail session?

    because i don’t have a mail session created already and i’m using my email account to test this with a external smtp provider.


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