Using the AddUser.bat file to add new users

There are a bunch of .bat files that come with Maximo such as “configdb.bat” and many others.  Here is one that lets you add users to Maximo just by running this file.  Of course, like some of the .bat files, some of these aren’t officially supported by IBM so if you run into problems, they may or may not help you out.

Here is how to use the AddUser.bat file:

Navigate to [MAXIMO_ROOT]/tools/maximo – create a backup of the AddUser.xml. Open the AddUser.xml in a text editor.  Edit the xml file to look like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<document docid="AddUser">
	<USER username="TEST" password="maximo" firstname="Test" lastname="User" pagepin="" />

Save the modified AddUser.XML. Open a command prompt and change directory to the following:  [MAXIMO_ROOT]/tools/maximo. Run AddUser.bat [IBM Support]

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