Labor Actuals – sometimes you get a ZERO value

The user accidentally entered this value.┬áNormally the Maximo screen (work order actuals or LabTrans) will capture the Starttime and Endtime and automatically populate the RegularHrs field. But sometimes you discover a zero – which means no linecost and no roll-up of costs to asset.

Further complications:

Many sites have the Org setting which “auto approves” the labor actuals, meaning once the user saves the record he can no longer directly edit that line. [of course they could insert a new line to negate the bad value, and so-on, but this is not pretty].

So my thought was to:

1) Use the AUTO APPROVE ORG setting [above]

2) Add a new ESCALATION+ACTION which resets the auto-approve to “0” …..if it finds RegularHrs=0 line.

3) Make a Start Center Result Set portlet for the Maintenance Supervisor which shows these RegularHrs=0 lines.

4) He would procedurally edit, i.e. “fix them himself” ,or, ask worker.

Exactly how do you fix them?

a) Delete the bad line {now possible because the Escalation+Action made this line editable}

b) and then, Insert the new/correct line


I bet if you searched your LABTRANS table right now, you would find similar entries.


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4 thoughts on “Labor Actuals – sometimes you get a ZERO value

  1. Is there a way to add a button to execute an action to set the genapprservreceipt to 0? That way you could conditionally hide it except for supervisors/admins to allow them to “unapprove” and make changes.

      1. If the hours / costs are 0 for the line, it should not do any harm. However, if you are “unapproving” labor transactions with hours / costs, you’ll need to subtract them from the actuals (totals) when “unapproving” because when you go to re-approve it, it will add the costs again. In developer speak: approving always does a “actlabcost += newly approved labor costs” instead of “actlabcost = sum(all approved labor costs)”.

        Hope that helps!

    1. Just an FYI, I was able to create this as an automation script attached to a button. See below:

      Launch Point: UNAPPRLABOR
      Launch Point Type: ACTION
      Object: LABTRANS

      Variable: approved
      Variable Type: OUT
      Binding Type: ATTRIBUTE
      Overriden? (checked)
      Suppress Access Control? (checked)

      Script: UNAPPRLABOR
      Script Language: jython
      Log Level: ERROR
      Source Code: approved=0

      Then create an Action as below:

      Action: UNAPPRLABOR
      Object LABTRANS
      Type: Custom Class
      Accessible From: ALL

      Then use the Application Designer to modify the Labor Reporting application. I added a button to the expanded view of a labor transaction as below:
      Label: Unapprove Labor Transaction
      Event: UNAPPRLABOR
      Menu Type: NONE

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