How to properly uninstall Maximo and middleware components

I think we all have been there when I say a Maximo installation goes wrong in some way or another.  Sometimes the only way to fix a broken installation is to uninstall everything and starting over.  You shouldn’t have to reinstall the OS when trying to reinstall Maximo.  Here are the steps to uninstall Maximo and start with a clean slate:

There may be a need to uninstall Maximo and the middleware components installed on a machine. If you want to run the install again on the machine, a reimage of the machine may not be necessary. The machine can be ‘cleaned’ of Maximo and other TPAE products and any of the middleware components installed.

This process removes all the components installed. It is not an uninstall of a single product/component. This process is to ‘clean’ the machine from an install and/or attempted install that failed. This process assumes the administrative machine is for Maximo/TPAE products. This process removes the deployment engine (DE). If you have installed any of the middleware components via the middleware installer you will need to uninstall those also. After the machine is ‘cleaned’ of a previous installation a new installation can be started.

1. Stop all the middleware services (WebSphere, DB2, TDS) and stop the DE service (IBM ADE service)

2. From Control Panel/Add or Remove programs
a. Uninstall the middleware components (i.e. – WebSphere plug-in, WebSphere update installer,
Websphere, HTTP Server, DB2 products, etc.)
b. Uninstall Tivoli Base Services and products (TAMIT, SRM CCMDB, etc.)

3. Edit the registry (run regedit)
a. Delete all keys under – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/IBM
b. Search for IBM ADE
delete all the non legacy acsisrv keys

4. Delete the files in the user temp folder that did the install (i.e. C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Local Settings/Temp)

5. Delete all the files under the install folder(s) where the installs where done (check C drive and other drives that may be there). Folder(s) may be on the root of a drive and/or under Program Files. (i.e. ibm/smp, ibm/websphere, program files/ibm/websphere, etc)

6. Delete all the files under C:/Program Files/IBM (i.e. common, gsk7, tivoli)

7. Reboot the machine

8. Install can be started again

[IBM Support]

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