Display system property password values as XXXX

If you go into the system properties within Maximo, you will notice that all the passwords are displayed in plain text. Anyone that has access to this module can see everything. You may or may not want to keep this functionality, but you can certainly change it. You can hide the passwords or just display as ‘XXXX’.

The following is from IBM Support site:

Some values , such as mxe.db.password, will show up with the current value displaying as XXXXXX, but most properties show up as readable text in the System Properties application. To make additional properties value show as XXXXXX instead of clear text apply the changes described below.

In the Security Groups app, go to menu option for Global Data Restrictions. Out of the box there are attribute restrictions for PROPMAINT application, objectname MAXPROP, attributename DISPPROPVALUE, CACHEDVALUE and GLOBALVALUE, restriction HIDDEN, condition BMX1000.

In the Conditional Expression Manager app, look up condition BMX1000. This condition has the following expression out of the box: propname = ‘mxe.db.password’.

To hide additional properties, the expression for BMX1000 should be modified to include the additional properties. For example, to add property “mxe.xyz”, the expression would be set to the following: propname in (‘mxe.db.password’, ‘mxe.xyz’) An equivalent expression would be: propname = ‘mxe.db.password’ or propname = ‘mxe.xyz’.  [IBM Support]

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