Changing Maximo 7.5 User Interface… Mobile Too!

I have posted about changing the Maximo skin before.  But the question is, what are the available skins for Maximo 7.5?  Well, there are officially 3, but there is really 4.  The 4th one is for mobile….

  • classic (old and unsupported)
  • tivoli09 (default)
  • tivoli13 (this is the new look of Maximo 7.6 and SCCD)
  • mobile (this is basically Maximo Everyplace, so if you paid for it…. sorry!)

To use these skins, just add:


to the end of your maximo URL!  Here is the most up to date Maximo 7.5 live preview site (as of October 17, 2014) with username ‘maximo’ and password ‘maximo1’

Try out the mobile user interface on your own Maximo instance:

Did You Know...

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2 thoughts on “Changing Maximo 7.5 User Interface… Mobile Too!

  1. As always, interesting stuff Chon. The only problem with the tivoli13 skin in Maximo 7.5 is without SmartCloud Control Desk the Go to Application (such as in Work Order Tracking application going to the Location application and using the return with value) breaks. That’s the most visible functionality I know of that doesn’t work but it’s a pretty big issue.

    I will also say the mobile skin trick was the one most interesting to me as it allowed all the apps to render as mobile without requiring you make them mobile apps (including allowing you to use your existing start centers). I knew about switching skins through the URL parameter but didn’t think the mobile one would make a difference without Everyplace enabled and sure enough it does.

    1. Yeah these skins are for “fun” and probably shouldn’t be used in an official production environment. I have known about the mobile one ever since Everyplace came out and amazingly people still buy it.

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