Change the field size in Maximo 6

I recently ran into an issue where a client wanted to change the field size in Maximo 6.2 when they are in the list view of a module.  I found this nice article from IBM that shows how to do just that.  This tell you that you can modify the file called ‘fieldsizegroups.jsp’ to fit your needs.  But the problem is that this changes all the field sizes at a global level.  So this means that when you go into the workorder details view, the size of the text boxes will also be changed.  I only need to modify the width of the columns in the list view, but Maximo doesn’t really provide a way to do that.  I tried using application designer to manually configure the columns, which works, but not really.  It works when your list has no data, but when you filter for data, it goes back to it’s original value.  I’m just ranting right now but maybe someone would have any insight on this.

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