Change the Default Behavior of the New Row Button

If the user presses the Enter key instead of the Tab key during data entry a new row gets created. The user desires that either the Enter key or the Tab key be designated for use during data entry to move to the next field.
The default behavior of the New Row button within each application can be changed to prevent a new row from being created when the Enter key is pressed on a data entry field.

Procedure: The following example is for the Labor Reporting application. The steps are the same for other modules.
Go to System Configuration | Platform Configuration | Application Designer

Enter “labrep” in the Application field and press Enter
Open the record for the Labor Reporting application
Scroll to the bottom of the form and highlight the New Row button
Click on the Control Properties icon
Uncheck the checkbox for “Default Button?”
Save the record
Close the Pushbutton Properties dialog

[Source: IBM Support]

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