Performance Analyst 1.0.0 Released

Performance Analyst is a tool aimed to make performance analysis manageable.

Performance analysis is all about data, I mean, large amount of data. Sometime there might be days of application logs and performance data for us to sort out the reason why it slowed down or even crashed. Other times we might have to figure out what’s wrong with the slow database server and queries, given a few hundred mega bytes of database snapshot data. Humans are good at detecting peculiarities and finding out the symptoms of problems, but our eyes are not made for scanning (large amount of) data.

Let the computer do what it does best, so we can focus on what we do best.


  • Import all kinds of performance data for analysis. Some examples: DB2 snapshot, Java verbose GC ouput, Java thread dumps.
  • Import all kinds of software/middle-ware configuration for analysis and checking: Some examples: configuration data of DB2, Oracle, WebSphere, and operating systems (AIX/Windows).
  • Spreadsheet-like interface for easy access and manipulation of imported data.
  • Provide a rule engine for defining alerts to detect symptoms from the imported data. An out-of-box pre-defined set of rules are provided, based on common performance best practice of supported software and middle-ware.
  • TPAe specific plugin for checking configuration conformance to the Best Practices for System Performance 7.5.x.

To get the tool, please go to Performance Analyst home page here:

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