Maximo Everyplace is now available with a Free Trial!

Maximo Everyplace is now available to purchase but before you do, you can go ahead and download a free trial version first. You get 90 days to play with it before it expires.  That should be plenty of time for me to review it and give you guys some feedback.

What is Maximo Everyplace?

Maximo Everyplace provides access to Maximo via certain mobile browsers. When you buy the product, you get extra Application Designer features to make designing for small, mobile touchscreens easier so that your users can use Maximo from their smartphones or tablets, wherever they have connectivity.

Maximo Everyplace has been available as a limited release for a year now, but only for iPhones and iPod touches. With the general release, we’ve expanded device support to iPads as well as devices running the Android operating system at version 2.1 or higher. In addition, Everyplace is now available in all the same languages as Maximo.

Read the full blog article here.  You can go here for the installation instructions, which really has nothing to do with the free trial installation process.  In the next few days, I will be installing this trial version and play around with it and post my findings, so stay tuned…


Read and watch a video on our first impression with Maximo Everyplace.

Did You Know...

As Maximo Experts, we have developed several add-on products for Maximo that mobilize the work force, simplifies assignments, provides ad-hoc reporting capabilities and facilitates the seamless integration of Service Requests into Maximo.

Check out our products by clicking on the following links: EZMaxMobile, EZMaxPlanner and EZMaxRequest.

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