Query Maximo ASSET web service from .NET

Here is sample code for you to download to see how to query data from Maximo web services. In this example, it shows how to query assets and the different options you can use to do just that. This sample code provided below works with Maximo 7.

In order to get started using this sample code, you will have to first create a Maximo ASSET web service. You should probably know how do to that by now, so I won’t go into details. I have just used the OOTB MXASSET object structure and went into the Web Services Library and created a web service from an object structure. Once that WS is deployed, you should be able to access it from the browser.

Once the WS is up and running, you can download and open the .NET sample application below and open the web.config file and change the URL setting towards the bottom of the file. Change the “ip-monsterdb04:9083” to whatever your server name are ports are.

Once done, click run in Visual Studio.

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