How to update ASSET classifications with Integration Framework (MIF)

This quick post is from IBM support, How to update ASSET Classification  using Integration Framework

The MXASSET Object Structure can be ised to update ASSET Classification data using the Integration Framework. The MXASSET Object Strucuture is a System Defined object. Some changes are required to update the ASSET Classification.

By defult the ASSET.CLASSSTRUCTUREID is not included in the Object Structure. You must modify the object structure to include it. This raises an Alias conflict and requires changes to avoid the alias conflict.


1 – Go to > Integration > Object Structure > Select MXASSET

2 – Select Action > Exclude / Include fields

3 – Select the ASSET object in the list

4 – Select CLASSSTRCTUREID in the Attribute list and UNCHECK the EXCLUDE checkBox.

5 – Click OK, Now there is an ALIAS conflic because there are more than one CLASSSTRUCTUREID in the flat structure.


To avoid the ALIAS Conflict

1 – Select Action > Add Modify Alias

2 – Select ASSET object in the list

3 – Select CLASSSTRUCTUREID in the field list ( See the DUPLICATED is TRUE)


5 – Click OK, be sure the Alias Conflict ( in the up-right corner ) is now FALSE.


This is sample CSV template to update only the ASSET Classification. It doesn’t include any Attribute value.

By default, when there are no Attributes in the incoming message, all attributes will be automatically populated in the Asset Specification tab, but without values.


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3 thoughts on “How to update ASSET classifications with Integration Framework (MIF)

  1. Hi Chon

    We have found then when we try and update an asset and specify an attribute all other attributes are dropped and only the specified one remains. Do you know if that is expected behaviour or a problem with our configuration?

    Thanks for any help.


  2. Hi Chon,
    When to import a new asset with a new attribute that I already create, the import will not fill this new field.
    Do you find any solution for this issue?

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