Hide tabs for an application from certain security groups

Here is an interesting post on using the signature option to hide tabs for certain security groups.

1. Sign in to Maximo as maxadmin;

2. Go to System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> Application Designer;

3. Select the application that has the Tab that you would like to hide;

4. Click Select Action -> Add/Modify Signature Option;

5. Click “New Row”;

6. Enter the option name and a Description for this sigoption. Make the “Visible?” field = True (checked);

7. Click “Ok”;

8. Apply the sigoption in the Tab:

– Select the tab that should be hidden. The “Log” tab, for example;

– Click “Control Properties”;

– Enter the option name in the “Signature Option” field.

9. Save it;

10. If you go to the application, the tab will be hidden;

11. Go to Security -> Security Groups;

12. Select the group that should have access to the tab;

13. Select the Applications tab and filter the application that you applied the new sigoption;

14. Grant access for the new sigoption;

15. Save it;

16. Sign out and Sign in to test.  [IBM Support]

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