Add labels to application tool bar buttons

By default, the tool bar buttons within any application are just plain icons, like the run report or route workflow icon buttons. You can change this to add labels to be more clear of what the buttons are for.

Go to Application Designer and export the LIBRARY.xml. Edit the file and search for ‘id=”pageToolbar”‘ text. This control has dynamic toolbars and one of them is the workflow button. To add a label to it, add a “label” attribute to the “dynamictoolbar” element like so, then import the LIBRARY.xml and it should look like this: toolbar_label

<toolbar id="pageToolbar">
	<toolbarsection align="right" id="toolbarsection0">
		<toolbarcombobox event="query" hidelabel="true" id="querydropdown" label="Query" width="110"/>
		<quicksearch event="find" id="quicksearch" label="Find:" width="90"/>
	<toolbarsection align="right" hidewhen="{mobile}==true" id="toolbarsection1">
		<toolbarcombobox event="action" hidelabel="true" id="actiondropdown" label="Select Action" width="180"/>
	<toolbarsection align="right" hidewhen="{mobile}==true" id="toolbarsection2">
		<toolbaractions align="left" id="toolactions"/>
	<toolbarsection align="right" hidewhen="{mobile}==true" id="WFtoolbarsection">
		<dynamictoolbar align="left" id="workflowbuttons" keyattribute="processname" label="Route Workflow" mboname="wfapptoolbar" mxevent="ROUTEWF" npmboname="wftoolbar"/>
	<toolbarsection align="right" hidewhen="{mobile}==true" id="Reporttoolbarsection">
		<dynamictoolbar align="left" id="reportbuttons" keyattribute="reportnum" mboname="quickprint" mxevent="RUNAREPORT" visibleicons="3"/>
	<toolbarsection align="right" hidewhen="{mobile}==true" id="migrationtoolsection">
		<dynamictoolbar align="left" id="migrationtoolbutton" keyattribute="appname" mboname="dmcollapptoolbar" mxevent="addcoll"/>

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