How TAQA North Mobilized HSSE with EZMaxMobile

The InterPro team recently hosted a webinar with TAQA North to discuss their implementation of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) processes for EZMaxMobile. To watch the full webinar recording, please click here.

TAQA North, a wholly owned subsidiary of TAQA, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, focuses on conventional oil and gas exploration and production in Canada. TAQA North’s original HSSE tracking software was nearing its end of life and the organization decided to switch to IBM Maximo. They were also interested in an offline-capable mobile solution to complement their new EAM and support TAQA North’s technicians across an extensive geographic area and remote locations.

After comparing a number of mobile solutions for Maximo, TAQA North selected EZMaxMobile because of its seamless integration with Maximo, intuitive user interface, offline capabilities, and superior technical staff.

TAQA North worked with the InterPro team to implement EZMaxMobile in phases. First, they defined a project team to ensure everyone was aligned on the team’s goals. They also established a working group to ensure continuous feedback and validation. Finally, the mobile implementation was staggered, so TAQA was able to receive and incorporate feedback from their technicians in each phase.

TAQA North went live with EZMaxMobile in November 2019 and found great success using the application. With EZMaxMobile, TAQA North’s technicians are now able to identify, report, and correct hazardous conditions “in the moment”, i.e., before they become incidents. In the first month of using EZMaxMobile, safety reporting was up 100% from the prior reporting period. Since going live, 65% of all entries have been entered through EZMaxMobile.

After using EZMaxMobile and seeing its potential, TAQA North expanded their use of EZMaxMobile to other Maximo modules and processes. Anytime a new Maximo module is added, TAQA’s technicians request it be available in EZMaxMobile. In 2020, TAQA expanded their use of EZMaxMobile to permit tracking, bypass management, fleet work orders, and fleet assets. In 2021, they plan on adding additional inspection forms, purchase requisitions, operator logs, and more.

To watch the full webinar and see a demonstration of TAQA North’s EZMaxMobile environment, click here. For a tailored demo of EZMaxMobile, please contact us.

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