EZPlanner streamlines the entire process of assigning work orders and managing the complex schedules of your team. With a single click you can assign jobs on an individual basis or by groups. Sort records on any fields available in Maximo, including views for managers, supervisors, and technicians, assigned or unassigned jobs, completion date, etc. EZPlanner is a flexible desktop tool that can be configured to match the business processes of your organization.


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Other Features Include:

  • Drag & drop work orders to schedule the start/finish of work
  • Search and preview the upcoming PM work orders and pre-assign PM records before they are generated into work orders
  • In the calendar view, supervisors can instantly identify overlapping work or blocks of time without an assignment
  • Add daily supervisor functions from Maximo, including failure reporting, work logs, planned materials used, etc.
  • When a technician is out, quickly filter to the tech’s assigned work and reassign to a different person
  • Easily report on problem areas and associated response times
  • Email individuals a list of open work orders currently assigned to them
  • Send push notifications to technicians using EZMaxMobile to notify them of new assignments


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