Key Features

EZMaxMobile has all the functionality you need, so there’s no need for separate apps for different processes, such as inspections, inventory management, or preventative maintenance. With over 25 delivered processes, tailorable to your specific needs, your technicians can do their jobs without having to jump from app to app.

When your technicians are working in an environment without a reliable data connection, EZMaxMobile lets them go offline — with a patented, lightning-fast offline mode that’s nearly 10 times faster than alternative solutions.

EZMaxMobile runs on any Apple, Android, or Windows device, so your techs can use the device best suited to their needs and preferences.

EZMaxMobile clients are enjoying productivity gains of up to 200%, significant increases in asset availability, 10X faster sync speeds, the elimination of mobile sync failures, and the ability to accommodate Maximo upgrades in a single, automated step.

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The Latest Advances in Maximo Mobile

EZMaxMobile Inspection

Perform inspections right on your mobile device

  • Align Mobile and Maximo: The mobile inspection process is directly aligned with your Maximo business process.
  • Work Uninterrupted: Inspection Forms are available both online and offline, allowing users to work uninterrupted.
  • Capture More: Standard mobile functionality is included to capture more information and certify inspections.
  • Generate Results: Inspection results are auto-generated and can be shared by email or as printed reports.
  • Work Orders Made Easy: Selected inspection points can easily be turned into work orders for further investigation.
EZMaxMobile Mapping

Access advanced mapping from your start center

  • Align Mobile, Maximo and Mapping: Maximo data is displayed right on your map. View all information in one place from your mobile device.
  • Integrate with ESRI’s ArcGIS Server: View custom base maps, feature layers and feature data directly from your ArcGIS Server.
  • Work Uninterrupted: Mapping is available online and offline.
  • Access Driving Directions: Retrieve driving directions with real-time traffic data.
  • Drop Pins: Drop a pin on a map to create a new Work Order or tag an Asset.
  • Use Heartbeat GPS Tracking: Continuously send your device’s location back to Maximo for tracking.
  • Assign Work by Proximity: See your work force on a map and assign work accordingly.

Feature Highlights:
  • Advanced Mapping

    Advanced Mapping

    EZMaxMobile offers a choice of mapping capabilities ranging from basic GPS location mapping to interactive layered ESRI ArcGIS location intelligence. You can associate location data with a work order, asset, or location and automatically store the details in your Maximo system. Your field team can visualize work orders and assets in map views, and get point-to-point directions to guide them to the proper location.

  • Photo and Video Editor

    Photos & Videos

    Increase your team's efficiency by attaching photos and videos to illustrate work requests and document completed repairs. Photos and videos are automatically uploaded as a Maximo linked document and associated with the underlying work order, asset, location, or inventory item as an attachment. Technicians can also mark-up photos to provide supplemental information and provide greater clarity.

  • Digital Signatures


    Need a signature on work order, purchase requisition, tool check-out or inventory request? EZMaxMobile has it. Captured signatures can then be stored and displayed in Maximo.

  • Barcode scanning

    Barcode Scanning & Printing

    Gain quick access to records in Maximo for barcoded items such as assets, locations, and inventory item using your mobile-device camera or Bluetooth enabled barcode scanner. Use EZMaxMobile to generate barcodes via portable or fixed printers.

  • Guided Actions Inspection Form

    Guided Actions

    Define step-by-step actions to guide technicians through a particular process such as an inspection or repair, and prompt next actions based upon prior responses, boosting productivity and improving first fix rates.

  • Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    Alert technicians to new work orders, changes, and emergency updates.

  • Data Offline Sync

    Data Where You Need It

    While other OSLC-based solutions bog down when you try to take more than 100,000 records offline, EZMaxMobile’s patented sync technology lets you go offline with millions of records.

  • Localized


    Support your global asset management needs. EZMaxMobile is available in all languages supported by Maximo, and is easily tailored to local work practices and preferences.

  • voice to text

    Voice to Text

    Are your technicians struggling with your device's tiny virtual keypad? Easily capture notes and give instructions with voice-to-text functionality. Simply speak into your mobile device.

  • online or offline

    Offline or Online

    When your technicians are working in an environment without a reliable data connection, EZMaxMobile lets them go offline -- with a patented, lightning-fast offline mode that’s nearly 10 times faster than alternative solutions. Unlike other solutions, EZMaxMobile’s no-fail synchronization automatically quarantines any data exceptions and lets your team keep working.

  • Maximo Workflow

    Maximo Workflow Support

    Unlike other available solutions, EZMaxMobile lets you bring your configured Maximo workflows to your technicians in the field.

  • Digital Work Aids

    Digital Work Aids

    Provide equipment schematics, blueprints, instructions, how-to videos and other work aids to arm your technicians with everything they need to diagnose and resolve issues in the field.

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