Maximo Mobile for your iPad

OK let's face it, we all know we don't like the new default skin for Maximo 7.5 because it looks cartoon-ish but there is a way for you to change it back to the classic version.  You can also change it globally in your file.  But … Read More

First step to prepare for Maximo 7.5

With the release of Maximo 7.5, a lot of companies are beginning to wonder what their first steps should be to prepare for their eventual upgrade: Do I order a new development server, so I can test the new software? Do I send my administrator … Read More

Maximo Mobile: Maximo Everyplace for iPad

Maximo Everyplace is only available for Maximo 7 and it's a mobile solution that works with iPad and iPhone.  The way it works is this.  You have to buy the mobile solution from IBM and then you have to basically duplicate all of your application, … Read More

“Turn Smart Fill Off?” option in Maximo 6.2

Many users don't often know about the Smart Fill option in Maximo 6.2 and what it does.  Here is a summary from IBM's support website: The Smartfill functionality in Maximo works in the following capacity. Once smartfill has been enabled, and when … Read More

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