Maximo 6.2.5 fix pack now available

On September 28, 2009, IBM released the Maximo 6.2.5 fixpack. Product Support recommends that you carefully review all materials below prior to applying this product update. This fixpack is critical to ensure that your Maximo 6 system is properly … Read More

Feature documents for MEA

This list features the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in helping answer your questions related to the Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA). Predefined Integration Content: Functional Description and Implementation … Read More

Maximo fix pack now available

IBM has release a fix pack for Maximo Base Services. This only applies to Maximo Asset Management, Maximo Asset Management Essentials, and Tivoli Asset Management for IT. Do not apply the MBS fixpack if your system has any of the below … Read More

Maximo links of interest

List of featured documents for IBM Maximo Asset Management: Parameters to improve performance using WebSphere 6.0.2.x (1261874) Maximo 6.x and WebSphere recommendations for performance improvements relating to memory use. LDAP Troubleshooting … Read More

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