Maximo Links of Interests: 5-9-2013

IBM Maximo Creating New Work Groups Setting up Data Restrictions in Security Groups KPI For PO's in WAPPR Status KPI For Completed Work Orders Log Zipper View Maximo Queue Data from UI Maximo Integration Framework Maximo … Read More

What’s the best way to make a field required in Maximo?

Here is a quick thought I want to put into your head.  There are so many ways to do just this in Maximo, but what are the best ways and what are the affects of doing it a certain way? Database Configuration If you make a field required in the … Read More

Import MATUSETRANS with Maximo Integration Framework

Here is another great in depth tutorial from Daniel Ng on importing MATUSETRANS data with MIF...  His "blog" doesn't have any RSS feeds, so Daniel, if you are reading this... add it your site so we can keep updated regularly! … Read More

Maximo Links of Interest 6-25-2012

IBM Maximo Education Assistant Overview (V7.1) Maximo log types (PDF) Maximo log types (Flash with audio) Understanding Maximo 7.5 logging (PDF) Understanding Maximo 7.5 logging (Flash with audio) Understanding Maximo 7 Logging … Read More

Add Failure Reporting to Work Order through MIF

Forum member Madd0g17 has posted a solution to setup an object structure that will allow you to add failure codes to a work order through the Maximo Integration Framework.  Here is his solution: You can either adapt the MXWO object structure or … Read More

Change status of a record using MIF

I have talked about this before and I'm sure that anyone that has worked with MIF has tried this many times, but here is an article published by IBM that details the process of changing that status of stateful MBO's using MIF.  It is a very good … Read More

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