Maximo links of interest 7-28-2010

MEA/MIF: Flatfile for Integration import should be encoded as UTF-8 BIRT/Reports: PDF Report Missing Content Configuration of BIRT's path for barcode fonts Adding hidden report parameters in 7x Workflow: Workflow worked at … Read More

New MAXIMO support forum

I am happy to announce that we have started a MAXIMO support forum. This forum will be used for all support questions.  Please refrain from posting support questions in the blog comments. For all of you that already registered here, you should be … Read More

Setup FailureCode inbound integration object

This guide will help those of you who have a lot of failure codes and list to import and don't want to do it by hand.  I don't know why IBM didn't have an integration object setup out of the box, but here is the guide to setting up FailureCode … Read More

Change status of a record with an inbound transaction

This article by IBM support explains how to change the status of a record with an inbound transaction with MEA or the MIF. Question How do I get the Integration Framework or MEA to change the status of a record in Maximo? Answer Status … Read More

Feature documents for MEA

This list features the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in helping answer your questions related to the Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA). Predefined Integration Content: Functional Description and Implementation … Read More

Import data with Maximo Enterprise Adapter (MEA)

There aren't many differences between Maximo 6's MEA and Maximo 7's MIF. If you read my previous post on importing data with MIF, then it will be easier to understand how MEA works. The architecture is pretty much the same but some minor name … Read More

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