Secure MIF web service methods with native authentication

By default, MIF web services are unsecure, but if you are using native Maximo security and not LDAP, you can secure MIF web services with this configuration change. Normally Web Services and HTTP Servelets are secured using the MEAWEB Web.xml … Read More

Using the AddUser.bat file to add new users

There are a bunch of .bat files that come with Maximo such as "configdb.bat" and many others.  Here is one that lets you add users to Maximo just by running this file.  Of course, like some of the .bat files, some of these aren't officially supported … Read More

Add a relationship to a result set portlet in Maximo 7

Here is a nice little tip for when you create a result set portlet, let's say for a list of workorders that are assigned to the current user, and you want to add a related column to the result set.  For example, you want the result set to show the … Read More

Maximo fix pack now available

On October 31, 2011, IBM Software released the fix pack for Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Asset Management Essentials Download Description This product update corresponds to fixes for Maximo Asset Management and Maximo Asset … Read More

Send email notification for SR

Here is a nice visual tutorial from IBM showing you how to send emails to the owner of the SR group when certainly conditions are met using a workflow.  [IBM Support] … Read More

Work order operations are now tasks – FAQ

Here is an explanation from IBM about how Maximo handles work orders, work order hierarchies, and work order operations [via IBM Support] From the user's perspective, very little has changed in the existing work order functionality between Maximo 4 … Read More

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