New Maximo 7 fix pack releases for October 16, 2009

Today IBM has release 4 fix packs for Maximo: Maximo for Calibration Fix Pack (Download Link) The purpose of this fix pack is to fix issues with printed report output for Maximo for Calibration reports. Prerequisites Before you … Read More

Maximo Asset Management v7.1 Education Assistant

I found this great IBM support site that has a few short flash demos/tutorials for doing various tasks in Maximo 7.  Here is the complete list of flash videos. How to edit screens in Application Designer How to add objects and attributes … Read More

Best practices for Maximo performance

Here are some links to help with tuning your Maximo application. Search Methodologies (best practices for minimizing dat WebSphere Tuning (These parameters can cause Maximo to Browser Caching (Helps with Wide Area Network -WAN- per GZip for … Read More

Maximo links of interest 08-07-2009

Top Tech notes for this month: News & Flashes: Title: Single source for multiple mbs7115 Release notes Troubleshooting and FAQs: Title: Migrating Classifications with Migration Manager Recent and Important Downloads: Title: Maximo … Read More

Maximo links of interest

List of featured documents for IBM Maximo Asset Management: Parameters to improve performance using WebSphere 6.0.2.x (1261874) Maximo 6.x and WebSphere recommendations for performance improvements relating to memory use. LDAP Troubleshooting … Read More

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