How to quickly rebuild and redeploy EAR files with WebSphere

OK, this tutorial isn't exactly rebuilding and redeploying EAR files, but if you are developing and writing some custom java classes for use with some extra fields or whatever, you will know what even if you make a single code change within Eclipse, … Read More

Dynamically change the file name of a BIRT output report

I have been looking for this functionality for a while and now I have finally found it. This feature is available for BIRT 2.3.1, which means you will have to have Maximo or above installed as it comes with BIRT 2.3.2. You will have to write … Read More

Extending Maximo 7 Business Objects

At times it is necessary to override or extend the functionality in core MAXIMO. This can be achieved by 'extending' methods in the Maximo business objects. The following section outlines the process involved in extending the add() method in the … Read More

Maximo 7 Developer Reference Guide

Here is a link to IBM's Maximo 7 Developer Reference Guide This is just a help file that contains some sample java code and examples of how to extend some … Read More

Maximo Java Docs

Here is the link to the Maximo Java docs … Read More

Extending Maximo Business Objects (MBO)

Extending MBO's gives you the ability to add more functionality to Maximo to better fit any business need.  I have found a good article on the basics of extending MBO's in Maximo 6. The same principle apply if you want to extend objects for Maximo … Read More

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