Best practices for Maximo performance

Here are some links to help with tuning your Maximo application. Search Methodologies (best practices for minimizing dat WebSphere Tuning (These parameters can cause Maximo to Browser Caching (Helps with Wide Area Network -WAN- per GZip for … Read More

WebCast: Conditional UI security

Presenter(s): May On Time: 14 Aug 2009, 3:00PM Eastern US This STE will cover Overview, Conditional UI setup, Demo, Questions Please call into the phone conference and join the e-meeting 10 minutes early. Web conference URL: … Read More

Enable logging in Maximo 7

Knowing how to turn on logging is essential to being able to debug any issues that may arise.  IBM support may even ask you to give them log files if you have to go that far.  Configuring logging is much easier in Maximo 7 because you can use the … Read More

Create MaxDemo database with Maximo 7

After you install Maximo 7, you can create an out of the box database which is just a demo database.  I'm not sure if anyone actually uses the demo database, but it's there if you want to.  [IBM Support] … Read More

Improve Maximo performance with SQL Server and Page Locking

Turning off Page Locking in SQL Server will improve performance and prevent slow transactions or hanging.  This applies to Maximo 6 and 7.  Since Page Locking is already turned on unless it has been modified by the Configure utility.  Therefore it is … Read More

Maximo links of interest

List of featured documents for IBM Maximo Asset Management: Parameters to improve performance using WebSphere 6.0.2.x (1261874) Maximo 6.x and WebSphere recommendations for performance improvements relating to memory use. LDAP Troubleshooting … Read More

Improve Maximo performance with WebSphere

If you are using WebSphere and Maximo 5 or above, you can improve your performance by changing a few parameters.  This performance improvement is memory related, so if you've noticed that your Maximo server is starved of memory after prolonged use, … Read More

Change database, password and server names in Maximo 7

On the off chance that someday you may need to change your database, password or server names, this guide will be helpful in knowing what to change.  I actually had a need to change my database from an older server to a new one a while ago and wish … Read More

Install multiple instances of Maximo 7 using WebSphere

The previous versions of Maximo all came with an installation guide that helped you install a Maximo application server for production purposes and also for testing or development purposes.  In most cases, this is how most of our applications are … Read More

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