Edit dialogs not found in Application Designer

I recently got a great question from Ernie.  The question was this: Would you happen to know how to hide the Person Group tab on select ownership menu option? I need to be able to assign an owner and owner group. I have already creating a lookup … Read More

Create iframe control in Maximo 7

An iframe control can be useful in many ways to add extra functionality to your existing Maximo implementation.  You can use this method to host our EZDash solution.  This little tip on how to create an iframe control in Maximo doesn't involve any … Read More

Maximo Asset Management v7.1 Education Assistant

I found this great IBM support site that has a few short flash demos/tutorials for doing various tasks in Maximo 7.  Here is the complete list of flash videos. How to edit screens in Application Designer How to add objects and attributes … Read More

Set default material/item quantity to zero

By default, when you add a material or item to a workorder, the value is set to 1.  This can be a problem for some entities because laborers can add a item number, select a storeroom then immediate save it without even bothering to enter a quantity.  … Read More

Customize report toolbar icons in Maximo

Before version 6.2.2, you can have more than 2 icons for Direct Print reports in the Application Toolbar.  After this release, you can no longer to that unless you modify the system XML to do so.  You can modify the library XML to do expand the … Read More

Change location/asset drilldown limit

Have you been in the location or asset drilldown dialog box and seen the node "...This level has reached the set display limit..."? That is because the drilldown limit for child nodes is set to 50. You can change this limit to 5 or even 200. This is … Read More

Add a Long Description to a Field in Maximo 7

To enable long description functionality to a field in application designer, you must first set the field to be a long description owner. After you've done that, you set the 'Lookup' property to LONGDESC for the field in application designer. I will … Read More

Edit dialogs within Application Designer

I received a great question about editing fields in the "Advanced Search" dialog in the Application Designer, but where can you find that dialog so you can edit it?  Here is the question at hand: I am in the System Configuration - Application … Read More

“Turn Smart Fill Off?” option in Maximo 6.2

Many users don't often know about the Smart Fill option in Maximo 6.2 and what it does.  Here is a summary from IBM's support website: The Smartfill functionality in Maximo works in the following capacity. Once smartfill has been enabled, and when … Read More

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