What’s the best way to make a field required in Maximo?

Here is a quick thought I want to put into your head.  There are so many ways to do just this in Maximo, but what are the best ways and what are the affects of doing it a certain way? Database Configuration If you make a field required in the … Read More

Maximo Links of Interest 8-30-2012

Escalations Setting up an Escalation to automatically inactivate users BIRT Fixing Top 3 BIRT Annoyances – Part 2 Java Rapid Java class deployment on WebSphere Java MBO performance optimization golden rules MBO Performance … Read More

Set a default Order By for an application in Maximo 7.5

Some users may want to change the default order by clause for an application like Work Order Tracking.  In Maximo 7.5, it is easy to change the default value which can be done in Application Designer.  First open the WOTRACK application, and on the … Read More

Add Start/Stop Timer Functionality for Work Order Tracking

Did you know that Maximo has a built in timer functionality that will let laborers start a record and then later stop it and record that transaction in the LABTRANS table?  Well, it does and it's a great feature to have, especially on a mobile device … Read More

Delete a custom Maximo application

This tip on  how to delete a Maximo application from Bruno is a a lifesaver and perfect timing because I was wondering how to this exact thing the other day. … Read More

Create a new application in Maximo

In this tutorial, I will show you what are the basic steps to creating a new application within Maximo.  This tutorial won't go into details about custom java class but it will show you what you need to do to add a new application.  For simplicity … Read More

Add a YORN lookup in a parameter for a BIRT report

This tip from IBM Support is very useful for adding a true/false lookup dialog for a parameter on the BIRT report request dialog. In the Maximo release (and higher 7.1.1. fixpacks) and 7.5 releases, a lookup has been added for Yes or No … Read More

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