Dynamically change the file name of a BIRT output report

I have been looking for this functionality for a while and now I have finally found it. This feature is available for BIRT 2.3.1, which means you will have to have Maximo or above installed as it comes with BIRT 2.3.2. You will have to write … Read More

WebCast: Maximo 6 Actuate Overview

Since we are on the topic of report with Maximo, I figured some of you might still be on Maximo 6, so here is a webcast provided by IBM on Actuate 8. Audience: Level 2 & 3 Support, GTS,GBS, Business Partners This STE will cover : - … Read More

Maximo World!

Welcome to Maximo Times. All things Maximo! This blog is about all things related to IBM's Maximo Asset Management software such as Syclo Mobile, Actuate reports, Birt reports, MEA and so much more... … Read More

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