Change location/asset drilldown limit

Have you been in the location or asset drilldown dialog box and seen the node "...This level has reached the set display limit..."? That is because the drilldown limit for child nodes is set to 50. You can change this limit to 5 or even 200. This is … Read More

Import assets and asset specifications with MIF

I have already given a simple tutorial on how to import assets with MIF using interface tables.  Now, if you want to import asset specifications as well, this is a detailed tutorial on how to do that with interface tables.  You can also download a … Read More

Maximo 7.1 initial data and import sequence

I found this import sequence extremely useful while importing data for a client and it might be useful to you. It's just a simple guideline for importing data and the suggested entry mode... V7.1 module Subapplication Nature of work … Read More

Add a Long Description to a Field in Maximo 7

To enable long description functionality to a field in application designer, you must first set the field to be a long description owner. After you've done that, you set the 'Lookup' property to LONGDESC for the field in application designer. I will … Read More

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