Create a custom dialog to email a BIRT report

This tutorial on "How To Create A Custom Dialog Box In Maximo Allowing User To Email BIRT Report" comes from Daniel Ng and it's probably one of the best, if not the best Maximo tutorials out there, even better than mine!  I have to give credit where … Read More

Date Formatting in BIRT

Jason Verly is a great contributor in the Tivoli User Community and he has a great tip on using date formats in BIRT.  You can follow him on Twitter @mygeekdaddy or read updates on his website. … Read More

Launch In Context How To’s

What is "launch in context"?  It is a feature that lets you take the current record you are viewing and take certain values from the object and launch a URL.  For example, if you are viewing a workorder, you can add a hyperlink button somewhere on … Read More

Maximo Conditional Expression How To’s

These tips come from Bruno and are really useful.  Here are some tutorials that I particularly like: Find all references to a conditional expression How to hide a field using conditional expressions How to change the color of a field using … Read More

Import labor codes with Maximo Integration Framework

Once you have imported users into Maximo, the next step is to import labor codes.  This is a simple tutorial that will show how  import labor codes into Maximo with the Integration Framework.  If you are migrating users from one Maximo system to … Read More

Import users security groups with MIF

I have previously shown you how to import users so this tutorial will show you how to import data via interface tables and set the users security groups.  You will be able to set a users security group to defaults such as EVERYONE, DEFLTREG and even … Read More

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