Improve Maximo’s doclinks performance

Maximo can have performance issues at times so any tip to improve it in any way is always helpful. Bruno has shared his quick tip on how to improve doclinks by modifying a little bit of SQL.  This tip can be applied anywhere so be sure to check it … Read More

Troubleshoot Maximo BIRT Report Performance

Recently have was tasked to troubleshoot a custom BIRT report performance issue for a client for Maximo 7.1  The problem was that the report, which normally ran fine, was now taking over 30 minutes to run and eventually never ran at all, which then … Read More

Understanding Maximo URL parameters

With Maximo URL's, you can link directly to a work order from an external application, but Maximo URL's are much more powerful than that.  Here is a complete round up of posts from IBM and Bruno to help you understand all the attributes available to … Read More

Enable Performance Monitor for Maximo TPAE

The Performance Monitor (PERFMON) or Maximo Activity Dashboard (MAD) enables you to see performance bottlenecks.  This feature is only available in Maximo and above.  If you have Maximo 7.1 you can go here or if you have Maximo 7.5 you can go … Read More

IBM Maximo Fix Pack Now Available

On July 27, 2012, IBM Software released the Base Services fix pack for Maximo Asset Management, Maximo Asset Management Essentials, and Tivoli Asset Management for IT Download Description This product update corresponds to fixes for … Read More

Modifying the look of Maximo QBR Reports

One of the common questions posed by Maximo administrators is, 'How do I modify the QBR template?' The question makes perfect sense because once a QBR report is created in Maximo, it can be scheduled to run like a standard BIRT report or exported as … Read More

WebCast: Upgrading Maximo 6 or 7.1 to Maximo 7.5

Below are two web casts pertaining to upgrading either Maximo 6 or 7.1 to Maximo 7.5. Upgrading Maximo 6 to Maximo 7.5 WebCast: Abstract Audience: All Level Support, Services, GTS, Business Partners, Customers This STE will cover: - Maximo … Read More

Setup Maximo to use Node Monitoring in WebSphere

IBM recommends a new way to run your Maximo.  If you are using WebSphere on Windows and running MXServer as a Windows service, IBM now recommends you to use Node Monitoring instead with Maximo 7.1 above. [IBM - DeveloperWorks] This setting looks to … Read More

Add Failure Reporting to Work Order through MIF

Forum member Madd0g17 has posted a solution to setup an object structure that will allow you to add failure codes to a work order through the Maximo Integration Framework.  Here is his solution: You can either adapt the MXWO object structure or … Read More

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