Employee Highlight: Derek Parker

Derek has been with InterPro for seven years and works as a Senior Software Developer. He is one of the main developers of EZMaxMobile 6.0 and is the go-to person for anything EZMaxMobile. 1. What does your day-to-day work entail? As one of … Read More

2020 InterPro Solutions Client Survey Results

InterPro Solutions recently sent out an annual client survey to get feedback on InterPro, EZMaxMobile, the support team, and learn what features and solutions people are looking for in 2021. Overall, InterPro received very positive responses and … Read More

2020 Employee Highlight Wrap Up [Infographic]

Thank you to all who followed along with our Employee Highlight blogs this year. We hope you enjoyed getting to know these six members of our staff at InterPro Solutions. Check out the infographic below for some highlights from our blog posts. … Read More

Employee Highlight: Jin Jiang

Jin Jiang, Director of Solutions Architecture, has worked for InterPro for over 13 years and is one of the original developers of EZMaxMobile. He is an expert at turning client wish lists into practical, elegant solutions. 1. What does your job … Read More

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