Setting a default start center in Maximo

In the Start Center there is an option called Display Settings.

When you select this option you will see all Start Centers associated to your Uesr Id.

From the list you can check off the Start Centers you wish to display and one Start Center you wish to be the default Start Center Maximo will open up to for your user as the first Start Center tab.

Once you make your selections and hit Ok the changes will take effect. [IBM Support]

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2 thoughts on “Setting a default start center in Maximo

  1. Most of my users were set up with access only to Update Start Center,and no access to Display Settings, Modify Start Centers.How can I manage their Start Centers?
    I would like their account to open with only one start Center.

  2. Just an FYI, you need permission in the Layout and Configuration (not Start Centers) group to access the “Display Settings” option on a Start Center.

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