Maximo e-mail listener support for Microsoft Exchange 2010

After installing Exchange 2010, Maximo is no longer able to access the mailbox configured in the E-mail Listener application

The following error will be seen in the Maximo log:

Error connecting to mail server for address on
mail server .Please examine the Maximo log file
javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException Command is not valid in this
at com.sun.mail.pop3.POP3Store.protocolConnect( 104)
at javax.mail.Service.connect( Code))
at javax.mail.Service.connect( Compiled Code))
at javax.mail.Service.connect( Code))
at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerTask.readMessagesFromMailServer
( 350)
at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerTask.performTask
( 142)
at psdi.common.emailstner.EmailListnerCron.cronAction(EmailListnerCron.
java 47)
at psdi.server.CronTaskManager$ Source)

Resolving the problem
In Exchange 2010, the Default Authentication Method has changed for the POP3 and IMAP server.

The Default Authentication Method is now to use TLS ( Transport Layer Security ) Authentication which is not supported by Maximo.

The POP3/IMAP server must be reconfigured to use Basic Authentication to allow Maximo to access the mailbox. [IBM Support]

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