Setup Integration Framework JMS queues and buses in WebSphere

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16 thoughts on “Setup Integration Framework JMS queues and buses in WebSphere

  1. Right now the messages in the error queue are being processed repeatedly.

    Where can I control the number of retries for the error queue?

    I updated ‘MDBDELAY’ parameter in ejb-jar.xml to 2592000000. But that doesn’t help.


  2. Also,
    after doing a continuous inbound import, one xml file is created per message. However, these files are not deleted automatically after the messages have been processed.
    How do these files get deleted?


  3. We have the cqin and cqinerr setup.
    The bad messages do move into cqinerr.
    For redelivery of the error messages in the error queue, is there any parameter to setup the time threshold between re-delivery attempts?

    I did setup the MDBDELAY in ejb-jar.xml but this doesn’t seem to help. The redelivery of messages in the error queue fills up the log files. Please advise?

  4. Hi,
    Is there any way to avoid creation of xml files by continuous queues? Right now, each message is translated into an xml file. Can we avoid this?
    Pls advise?

      1. Using Interface Tables also creates one xml file per message.

        Is there any way to turn off the property of creating the xml generation per message?


          1. Hi,

            I am using MIF to import data, implementing error queue.
            If I set
            mdbdelay = 1 hour, and

            maxtrycount = 5,
            is this supposed to retry the message 5 times, every one hour?
            So, if the life time of a message is set to 5 hours,
            this configuration should resubmit the message once every hour, 5 times. Am I right?
            But somehow the redelivery count in Message properties is set else where. What determines the redelivery count?

            Could you please advise?

  5. If I upload a CSV file via Integration > External Systems in Maximo, where does the CSV file actually get placed on the server? The SystemOut.log seems to say it is going to sqin (Sequential inbound queue). I am getting errors from the CSV file, but I don’t where to go to delete so the ERROR messages stop in the SystemOut.log

      1. Thanks for your answer.

        I realize now in Integration > External Systems … the Select Action has an option for Add/Modify Queues. I just cleared the queue from there and CSV data was removed from the queue. That’s really what I wanted and I can perform that action within Maximo.

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