Retrieving and Posting data to Maximo REST Web Services

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10 thoughts on “Retrieving and Posting data to Maximo REST Web Services

  1. The REST api calls into MAXIMO cannot actually use payloads, can they? All the data has to be part of the request URL as parameters? You can’t have it process an XML or JSON payload file? That is how I see it work, just wanted to confirm

      1. Hi, I know the standard MIF does accept XML payload. What I am asking is the REST api call to create a person record for example.


        As you can see here, the entire information is one URL. It can’t be a payload XML file as far as I can see. Just checking if that is possible

          1. Do you have an example by any chance please? In your article above too, you do say if you just put a json string as the body, it fails with 400 error code, because maximo does not know how to parse it. In my case, if I try the RESTClient, with the URL http://server:9080/maxrest/rest/os/mxperson, and the actual values in the body as XML / JSON, it does not work. Fails with 400 bad request as Personid requires a value. In your example you use query string parameters, which internally does translate into parameters in the URL itself, if I understand it right.

          2. Thank you. That does work when we are using a user facing POST source like an HTTP form. If a system is to call Maixmo though, like a monitoring solution calling to create an SR in Maximo automatically on an event, I think it will still have to use the existing non-REST MIF methods if it wants to send the data as a file. It can use REST only if it can pass all the required values as parameters in the POST url itself? I can’t tell them, you make a POST to http://server:9080/maxrest/rest/os/mxincident, and pass the values as a payload file

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