Maximo 7.1 Integration Framework Configuration Basics

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6 thoughts on “Maximo 7.1 Integration Framework Configuration Basics

  1. How to cofigure IFC to connect external application (e.g peoplesoft) by using http for data exchange?

    When a workoder is approved , a event is triggered and data is inserted in MXOUT_inter_TRANS queue and would like to send the workorder to peoplesoft application.

  2. Hi!, i cant do the reploy of the ear because somthing it’s not workking with de MDB, please can yo advice in the seccion, and it doesn’t show wich tags must be uncommented

    the section is: Enable the MDB

    thanks in advance

  3. Hello, I am trying to export data into xml file using MEA V7.2 version but some how i can not generate xml file. I am getting schemas for that object structure. So can you please help me out in this ?

  4. I followed your directions in the series to successfully configure for Maximo Do you know if anyone has used the same web.xml and ejb-jar.xml files for Maximo 7.6? I’m getting some odd errors if I use the customized XML vs OOTB. Any thoughts or advice?

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