Exclusive Look: Maximo REST web service API

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9 thoughts on “Exclusive Look: Maximo REST web service API

  1. Could you whip up a sample request (possibly for something like the workorder table) with some generic query? I understand most of it but examples are always helpful!

  2. Nice article Chon, thanks. Do you know how to use JSON to update an MBO. I have tried the POST with the Workorder MBO and it’s just creating Workorders. How to update existing workorder?


  3. I have a case where a PO is being created from SAP and the client wants to use REST; however, there are several data manipulations that need to occur. The PO is created after MX creates a PR from an approved WO wpmaterial and sends to SAP; however, SAP is not going to keep the MX PRNUM, but rather create their own. This will be referenced on the PO along with the wpmaterialid and wonum which is then used to find the correct PR and set the MX PRNUM on the record so that the PO will close the PR. I know we can add an autoscript to the object structure, but am unsure if this will fire using REST API – can anyone answer this question?

  4. Hi Chon, How are you? Hope you are doing well! Do you have experience with developing a REST API with check on logged in USER.

    Requirement is to download data into third party mobile application from Maximo with a assigned site check on logged-in user.

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